Opro Protection Level Guide

Power-Fit Platinum Gold Braces Gold Silver Bronze Snap-Fit

Exceptionally easy to fit thanks to the unique power-cage, the power-fit sports gum shield harnesses the fit and retention of the self-fit and the customisation and protection of a custom-fit.

Elite professionals require protection like no other. The ultra-flow gel inner channel makes our platinum elite sports mouthguards a necessity for game-winning performance.

The specially-designed braces mouthguard is complete with quality protection, retention, comfort, and fit, whatever your chosen sport.

Easy to mould and fit, the Goldsports mouthguard provides excellent protection for competing athletes. No matter your level, your teeth should always stay protected.

For beginners and novices, our silver gum shield is our range of mid-level gum shields,offering the ideal protection for sports games and practice.

For athletes starting on their journey, our bronze gum shields offer great protection and comfort when training for all ball, stick,and combat sports.

A revolutionary gum shield design that allows for an instant fit, straight from case to mouth, giving essential protection for any sport, as and when you need it.

Protection Level Premium Elite Competition Competition Match Level Entry/Training Short-term
Impact Resistant Outer Layer **** N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Ultra-impact Resistant outer layer Yes Yes No No No No No
Suitable for fixed Brace wearers No No Yes No No No No
Latex Free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dental Warranty***** £20,000 £17,500 £15,000 £15,000 £12,500 £10,000 £5,000
Moulding Required Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Easy to Mould Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Fitting Handle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Patented Power- Cage * Yes No No No No No No
Boiling Required Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Antimicrobial Protection ** Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Patented Fins *** Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

* Provides even compression over the mouthguard shield during the moulding process for a highly retentive fit ** Inhibits the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99% *** During fitting, these fins soften and contour to your teeth and gums for Safe, secure and comfortable fit **** Absorb any blows, protecting your teeth and gums. *****More info on dental warranty here

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